Theme Reveal/ A to Z April Blog Challenge 2016

rice gpa

Grandpa Hunter, Great Grandpa that is, was a rice patty farmer in Texas in this photo. He drove a team of 20 mules and I feel pride in the trait he passed down to his future generations. The trait of using your hands in farming was detrimental to survival. In a similar way, using my hands could be considered detrimental to my survival after a days work. I usually spend 11 hours a day, Monday thru Friday caring for 10 children ages newborn to 5 years. Being creative has been my way to relax and unwind when the day is behind me.

For my participation in the A to Z Challenge this year, I’m stepping away from the musical aspect of the last 2 years for a change. I have decided to blog about projects from the past and present. Some finished long ago and others are works in progress. I hope you’ll enjoy my “Creativity” theme and maybe you’ll be inspired to Make It Yourself.

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