Flag Day/ Thursday Doors

The collection today is a sequel of my daughter’s drive through Mid-Missouri last Tuesday and this particular set is from Boonville, Missouri. This town along the Missouri River is mostly high above on the river bluffs and so largely saved from the ravages of flooding thankfully. It has quite a few lovely old homes and I was delighted when Kirsten took some door shots for me.

Friday, June 14 is Flag Day in the U.S. and the collecton today features Old Glory in various ‘poses’. Hope you enjoy!

Wreath Welcome
I’ll call this one the Wreath Welcome door
Blue Gingerbread
Gingerbread with double screen doors. A must with summertime and flies.
Wagon Wheel Spoked doors
The flag seems to be much closer to blocking the door than it actually is.
Lettered Door
This door is lettered and I can’t decide if it’s an L or an F? And yes I am old-school and know cursive writing. lol
Modern annex
The old and new are actually blended fairly well, but I still prefer the older architecture.

Hope you enjoyed my take on Flag Day for this Thursday Doors. I encourage you to take time and visit Norm 2.0 for the original Thursday Doors as well as all the entrants. It’s a great way to see doors from all over the world!

My Inspiration for the Week

I have had a little brainstorming goin on.

Currently I’m finishing up a blanket that I’ll let you see in a few days. Here’s the Yarn I’m using: 790-415a

Pesto Homespun by Lion Brand

But I’m always thinking of “what’s next”?! And I like to do something different than everyone else.

I wanna be the trendsetter.

Lofty ambitions

Anyhoo, I’ve thought up something that I “Need”…..

My current item I am replacing has seen Much better days.

In photos it will include using crochet for edgings:f223900b8f81d9888feffe446d44d085

And It will require some sewing:a3d908c8a2b103c41b3133892195f164

As these are Pinterest photos and I know the websites they came from, I’m going to do the right thing and give credit where it’s due.

So thank you to:



Stay tuned……..