Keep Your Foot Hard on the Pedal/Thursday Doors

I’m giving you a tour this Thursday Doors of Uncle Bob’s Car Museum.


Entrance to the museum

I won’t be showing the outdoor view because I’m a stickler for keeping folks valuables safe. Too many break-ins in our area of late, including your’s truly. But that’s a story for another day.


My first ‘doormat’ feature.

Which brings me to this above photo of his theory on the subject. {please refrain from sharing the multitude of opinions on firearms. I’m only featuring the item, not the politics.} He and my aunt have staunchly supported the DARE program for many, many years and you may see signs of his extreme generosity within this post. We are very proud to have him as family!


The use of cabinets is widespread throughout his building.


He has hand-built these shelves as well.


More mini cars (hotwheels) in those curio cabinets. Not to mention all the signs, hat pins, magnets and other memorabilia.


Repurposed store displays.

We Are Talking Cases and Cases of Cars here.


Remember those Christmas villages for under your tree? Yep. He has ’em.


Trophies are in the rafters here as well as whereever they can fit alongside cars. I told you he was a DARE legend. I’d venture to say one of the top contenders in our nation. I’ll check in on that and write an update sometime.


And my personal favorite of all the peddle cars (that I regrettably neglected to get enough photos of) is his identical replica pedal car of the racing legend, the Honorable Dale Earnhardt. Astonishingly, he has 2!!

And this seems such an appropriate post to be writing as I hear actor Burt Reynolds has passed. Who can ever forget Smoky and the Bandit?? I daresay, there’ll be a car here somewhere from that movie.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour of our local car collecting aficionado, my Uncle Bob. For other wonderful doors around the world, please begin at Norm 2.0 for the road map.



Our Booth at Green Ridge

Had a very cool start at the Green Ridge Harvest Fun Fest this year. The turnout was pretty cool too!

The DARE car

The DARE car

Bob & Maybelle had the DARE car in the parade. (Maybelle is my aunt fyi ) This car has been all over the country. Most recently in South Dakota.

Harvest 2013

This is one place we get to spread out our goods to their full extent. Love having that much space for our wares.

sept 2013 green ridge 4.jpga

Here’s a close-up of the jewelry ….

shawl in green ridge

My favorite sale was this crochet wrap. It has eyelash fringe on the edges.

A father and his son were buying it for his wife. What a nice man!! A good example for his son too!

Next up……..Hughesville, Missouri …..hope we see ya there!