Define Ruana/ Sunday Sampler

Sunday Sampler

Before we know it, the cold winds of winter will be here. After record-breaking heat here in my area, I’m ready. And in my email, there was a  new word. Ruana. Let me define.

According to Red Heart: “A ruana is similar to a shawl, but shaped like a poncho with an opening up the front.” They have 2 crochet and one knit version at the link above.

And on
noun 1.a poncholike outer garment of heavy wool, worn especially
in the mountains of Colombia.

Here are a couple examples from Pinterest.

 There are sewn versions as well online. They are more blanket-like. As an accessory, I think the crochet version is very pretty.

Here’s my beginning in Homespun Yarn:

Thistle Stitch Ruana

Calling it “Thistle Stitch Ruana”.  If there’s not enough yarn, I have a plan B antidote.




A new digital issue arrived in my email today of a favorite crochet magazine.

Natural daily post


The yarn weight is one of the first things I look at because, naturally I have that “4 Medium” yarn in my stash. The thing about this pattern is that it could  lend itself to other yarn weights. And weight is an issue around here with a heat index of 102.

And did you see the line “Gauge is not important for this project“? That is my personal invitation.

Here’s the ‘to do’ pattern picture. I would pick a ‘Natural’ color rather than the Hot Pink. And some lighter weight yarn would mean more motifs. But I think the result would be stunning. Time to search that fiber collection for possibilities.


Caramel and Cream/Sunday Sampler

Stole some time this morning to add some fringe. Pardon the pun.

IMG_4753 (2)

Shawl, wrap, scarf or stole to keep you comfy!

IMG_4760 (2)

Perfect for our 45 mph wind gusts this afternoon. How’s your Sunday?


WP Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

So I resisted the urge to photograph Chrome. Somehow the Trace Adkins song came to my head. And I really don’t like that song. No offense to his music or persona.

Anyhoo, here is my take on Monochromatic. This is one of my favorite creations that I have debated many times about selling. It takes 4 skeins of Homespun Yarn so most likely would cost someone a small chunk of change. Maybe you’d tell me if it stands a chance in the marketplace?

img_1508 (2)

Am I allowed to ask questions in a photo challenge?