Jake/Weekly Photo Challenge


This week for my entry, I’d like to share a piece of our heart. Jake gets to stay at home starting next week with his mother and soon-expected sibling. We have grown pretty attached to this little guy but we know he will still stop in to visit now and then.

I’d like to think I’ve shared a little bluegrass music heritage with him in his first year and a half.



And now, dear daughters, you know why I collect banjos ūüėČ

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The Solo in Solitude/WPC


 As a youngster, I think I always knew when my father needed some solitude. He was a painter by trade in rural Missouri, USA, where he had work 6 out of the 12 months of the year. We lived too far from a major city for him to have regular work. So we did the best we could and lived a good frugal lifestyle where he spent the wintertime raising pigs or a couple calves to take to the butcher come spring. Most people back then called that Poor.

Playing solitaire was his ‘time’.bill-randall-11

And I’m glad I was quiet enough to sit and watch and learn. He was pretty cool like that.

He was also a daily Bible reader in later years. Not a lot of people know that. I am also truly thankful to have had that example to follow.mother

My mother is a living example to me of one who excels in solitude with her talents. She is always keeping her hands busy. Ecclesiastes 9:10 says,¬†¬†“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;”. This defines my wonderful mother. Whether sewing, making jams, jellies, or reading novel after novel, she finishes what she begins whole-heartedly. Rarely does she have a UFO(Un-Finished-Object) lying in her stash.¬†solitudebanjo

For me, solitude is respresented by my time to play music. Alone. Unhindered by life’s stress. Uninterrupted by anything.


And just for fun to lighten the mood of this post, I’m thinking I should change my answering machine message to a 40 minute Banjo Solo ūüôā

Is there 40 minutes on it???

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I’ll Begin With Angel Band

My posts for the A to Z April Blog Challenge will feature Bluegrass songs¬†I’m playing¬†on my Gold Tone 5-string. The good news?? Banjos play a song FaSt.¬†So¬†it won’t take you¬†A to Z Challenge Bloggers¬†very long to get thru my blog. I’m not long-winded. Photos later of my banjo collection.¬† (It’s a small cumulation, don’t worry). All other posts¬†will vary. After 18 years running a home daycare, I have learned to¬†follow the¬†improvise, overcome and adapt¬†motto thanks to my Marine Corp Vet hubby. You just never can tell what will happen during the week in this house.

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