South Thompson/#thursdaydoors

Keeping it local this Thursday Doors. The art on the side of this garage is hard to ignore, and I apologize, but I’m really not 100% certain on what the painting spells. I’m relying on some of my visitors to give me your opinion.

South Thompson1

The artist may step forward once I share this with Facebook friends? Who knows?! However, my focus was on the doors per the requested topic of each Thursday.


I felt the ‘white hot hue’ of the forground in the middle frame went well with our 4th hottest June on record. I didn’t get out of the vehicle for this photo assembly. Praying for temperature relief for a better photo opportunity soon.

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A to Z Challenge Reflection 2018

2018 A to Z Challenge Reflections

I don’t always enter a Reflections post. But I did this year and want to show it ‘on the list’, so here goes…

another challenge down in the books. It was not a sure thing even as recent as January 1st. I bought 3 separate quilting books with A to Z blocks over the last year. Two were in January. And still I was not sure until the day I signed up which was the first day of sign ups. Talk about indecisive! I brought new meaning to procrastinating this year.

Another year to shuffle job, family, blogging and taxes. I complained a time or two about how many hours a day that I work. Some don’t really consider what I do as work. I won’t go on about that but I would say being self-employed anyplace and maintaining that career for 25+ years is validation enough to call my job work. Dealing with family is mandatory. Not much ‘splainin’ to do there. Blogging with my subject matter we’ll deal with in the next paragraph. And then the Taxes. Self-employed = itemization. That means keeping each and every receipt through the year and (hopefully) not waiting til the last month to go through them to tally up expenses. Unless you’re in this household. Ug! Will I ever learn?? Hopefully this year has taught me to be on top of the receipts if nothing else. Prayers sent were greatly appreciated.

Another year to expand my quilting experience. The picking out the fabric seems simple enough. The biggest demand of time is the cutting. The sewing didn’t even take as long normally. I say normally because a few times there were blocks that were a true challenge for me. And I loved my fabric choices this year. When each block was completed, I really liked each one of them.

But the down-side to my own 2018 A to Z Challenge was the fact that I did not truly like my block arrangement or the blocks when they were combined period. Each one stood alone wonderfully. But the quilt top left much to be desired by yours truly. I blame myself for not buying a little more fabric to fix that “one” in the middle–the Indian Square block. I will go ahead and leave it as is and hand quilt it. It’ll be a conversation piece for sure. But if there’s a quilt theme for me next year, it will be done way in advance, with ample fabric, and a different color scheme.

To reward myself, I purchased a t-shirt this year for my 5th year completion. Thank you for making these an option each year. It came in the mail Monday. Atoztshirt

Thank you to everyone who dropped in, liked, commented or supported me in any way during this challenge. This includes family and friends. I’m truly blessed to have such a phenominal circle of well-wishers.

And finally, thank you to all our hosts and co-hosts this year who went above and beyond to make this the best and most cohesive challenge yet. I truly appreciate all your time and energy invested in making our challenge a possibility this year and in years past. I’m convinced it’s a labor of love. A love for encouraging writers from all walks of life. I’ll be nominating you for sainthood just for the record.

Click here to see the latest information from the 2018 A to Z Blogging Challenge. There is a link to the Master List for this year, a survey, reflections link and coming up is an A to Z Road Trip. I hope you can check it all out.

Eight Hands Around/#AtoZ

The April A to Z Blog Challenge is an annual blogging event in which participants blog every day (except Sundays) one post for each letter of the alphabet for the entire month. My theme for the year will be “Quilts and Ozark Slang.” So gitchur coffee or sodapop, grab a pilluh, and sit a spell.

The Letter today is E.

Something I haven’t Explained yet is the reason to lay out the pieces as you see above. One reason, for me at least, is to make sure all the right sides are facing up. Sometimes the difference between the front and back of a fabric is pretty similar…..until you sew it together wrong. Then it sticks out like a sore thumb. And of course you’d be obligated to rip it out and sew it over. Just a pain when you are on a timeline like this A to Z Challenge. Carpenters measure twice, cut once. Quilters check the fabric by it’s right or wrong side as well as if it’s in the correct direction. We’ll leave the ‘direction’ of the fabric topic for another post, though.8HandsAround2

Eight Hands Around is a title that is supposed to be a reference to a quilting bee. And one of the words you may hear a few old-timers say at said quilt gathering is ‘Edumacated’.  It’s just saying, “They went off to college, earned a law degree, or Ph.D, or some other higher education.” In such a setting, it would be used to suggest pride in the one they’re referring to. Because of course, we want to see our friends and relatives do better. It gives us a sense of pride that they came from our region and “made it” in the world. Success gives us mothers something to brag about too. (wink wink)

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A Dandy/ #AtoZChallenge

To those who celebrate, Happy Easter! And to those who celebrate in other ways, I hope you have a wonderful day! As for me, today’s the day! I will blog every day this month (except Sundays) for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Welcome to you if this is your first time participating. Welcome if this is your first time reading. For myself, it’s Year #5. Oh! And April Fools! We blog our first letter today, Sunday! Just the way it turned out with the calendar. So here goes……


I’m so pleased to have you stop in and ‘sit a spell’. A little addition to my plan for the Challenge this year will be to share some Missouri Ozark slang each day (with a translation in case you’ve never heard them). I live in west central Missouri, just up the road from the hills that begin the Ozark mountains. We still have church on Sundays, pictures of our boys in their first pair of overalls, and mostly civil politicians. That’s just the beginning.

First, a little about quilting, the book I used for reference and some tools of the trade……in collage format. (Hover over pics for description) Thanks to the editors of 256 Fat Quarter Quilt Blocks,  Jeanne Stauffer and Sandra L. Hatch. This book has been in my library for some time and I rediscovered it for the Challenge this year. It has so many blocks to choose from. Hope you all enjoy them.


About the block………


For Letter A, you get “A Dandy”. It’s a 12 x 12 inch block once it’s trimmed/squared up. This is a term we use to cut off those ‘dog ears’ (extra points of fabric sticking out) and to make the edges nice and even. Its name reminds me of all the nicknames my grandmother had for each of her grands. She was an Ozark native.

Adandy 11

#4 Finished!

Why the Ozark Slang for the Challenge?

When my eldest daughter moved off to college, whe noticed perplexed looks on the faces of some others when she would use certain expressions or phrases.  Do not be alarmed. She is very intelligent and extremely well-spoken. And in no way do I intend to put down the intelligence of my Ozark kin. We just use some different expressions that may or may not have leaked out to the rest of you. So this April, I’m sharing with you the wonderful language of my upbringing. I hope you will let me know how far-reaching these expressions have traveled.

For Today: “Alrighty then.” This is a sentence. It is equal to meaning , “Well you just go right on ahead and do that” or “I guess you’ve made your mind up and I can’t change it.” I once had a boyfriend who used this expression quite a bit. I believe he understood I was pretty stubborn. I prefer to call it Independent. 😉

There are many more wonderful blogs this year that I hope you can spend a couple minutes reading. All you have to do is click here and select something that interests you. To read about the A to Z Challenge and what we are all about, click here.

A to Z News/Sunday Sampler

Each year since 2014, I’ve participated in the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge. It’s a blogging extravaganza in which you blog every day except on Sundays. There is no big prize involved. You are only required to enter a blog post for each letter of the alphabet and to visit at least 5 other bloggers each day and let them know you were there. It’s a wonderful way to meet tons of new people, and keep in touch with old acquaintances. I have read some wonderful writing, learned new things, and, hopefully, given inspiration to others by completing this challenge for the last 4 years. I encourage you to visit this link right here to see for yourself what all the hoopla is about.


This is not the time for the big “Reveal” of my own personal theme. That comes on March 19. But you are welcome to visit the tabs at the top of this page to read some of my past ones. I would love to know if you are thinking about participating.

Sign up list goes up March 5. Whatever you can contribute in the realm of an A to Z theme, feel free! There are categories for everyone. Hope to see you there!!

February of 2011/Thursday Doors

I was reminded of a memory by FaceBook of a Smilebox I’d created back in the early days of my membership to that social media site. Little did I know then that I’d captured several doors and some winter scenes to boot. I did you all a favor and removed the music. I find that it isn’t as appealing to everyone else’s taste. So you’re welcome 🙂

Hope you enjoy this slice of Missouri of February 2011.

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Nope. Don’t Have One/Thursday Doors

Guess I’m antiquated, but no, I’ve never been tatooed. But I like the way this door is accented with the winged windows. LawrenceTatooShop

It’s not a fear of needles. I’ve had 3 reconstructive knee surgeries. I’ve seen plenty of beautiful tatoos and meaningful ones. It’s not that I’m against them. I just don’t want one.  Kudos to you who have them. I will continue to admire them from afar. From Lawrence, Kansas, I present this Thursday Doors. Please visit Norm 2.0 for other door entries from around the world.


Some days call for an undemanding entry in the realm of blogging. This is one. I present a panoramic view of a back lot parking area of downtown Mexico, Missouri. Doors to feast the eyes on in an array of types and conditions.


Back Doors, Tail Gate Door, Dumpster Doors Blocked Doors.

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Help With the Dishes/Sunday Sampler

It’s snowing here in central Missouri this morning. Not our first, but another one of those little 1 inch varieties. Just enough to keep me home. The plus to that is I find things to do that need doing. Dishes are always on that list.

This Sunday Sampler, I decided to share a little something from the shop that you might be interested in using to dress up the kitchen counter while doing the dreaded dishes.

Stir Things UpPicMonkey Image

Should you decide to make one yourself, all you’ll need is some fabric sewn together in a pleasing pattern, cotton batting for the center, another fabric for you backing and some bias binding for your edge finish. I would recommend the cotton batting for good absorption. You might also upcycle an old towel or cotton blanket for the middle layer. Be creative!

Dish3 (2)

Here’s a little peek at the backing and binding.

In case the dish mat is not your thing, there are a few other ideas for its use.

  1. Dresser Scarf
  2. Candle Mat
  3. Place mat
  4. Doll blanket
  5. Wall hanger
  6. Pet Dish Placemat
  7. Snack Mat
  8. Mug Rug


Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!

No Stone Wasted /Thursday Doors



With this home in rural Pettis County, Missouri, you get the arch entrance on the front porch, a side door, and an open garage door. The front door was blocked by stacked boxes. And there is a lovely front door. I’ve seen it in days long gone on the way to school. Sorry I couldn’t get a good view for you.

What I’d really like to do is stand under that arch on the porch and see the view they have from that perspective.

Maybe someday.

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