1930’s Era/ThursdayDoors

In early August each year, our city is invaded by flocks of campers whose aim is to attend the Missouri State Fair.

I did not attend this year.

But I was lucky to see this little gem parked along 16th Street a few days after the fair was over. I probably should say gem(s). That 1930’s truck is definitely an original. But I’m not knowledgable enough to know if the teardrop camper is Really¬†from the 40’s or 50’s. You be the judge.

1930struckncamper (2)

Please take a few to stop in at Norm 2.0 where folks have been camping out with their door discoveries for quite awhile. Just follow his directions to the blue frog.


Wagon Ho! /Thursday Doors

It’s not every day that you see a couple wagons parked on the front porch.


And for once I don’t have to say ‘only in Missouri’ do you see these things ūüėČ I can thank Lawrence, Kansas.

wagons2And I only noticed the side porch and peek of a door after the fact. But hope you enjoy this little pioneer-style doorscursion. Please take a moment to visit Norm 2.0 for other great entries in his weekly Thursday Doors challenge!

Missing You/ Sunday Sampler

I’m back with the Sunday Sampler this Christmas Eve 2017. And Quilting is the topic. I’ve been taking advantage of some time off for Christmas by readying some projects for time consumption. Winter keeps many of us indoors more and I am no exception. What better time to be reunited with one of my favorite creative outlets, quilting?!


The pattern above is shown with scraps but a grey background. I chose the tan instead. It definitely needs a neutral solid to make the colorful scraps stand out. The only downside is that I wish I would have made the blocks a little larger than the pattern dictated. It could have been much bigger had I done so. Noting it on the pattern for next time.


Larger view of the quilt. It’ll most likely be a table topper. Maybe for the outdoor patio table this summer?? (I say this as we’ve just received our first measurable snow for the winter.)


This is what we quilters call a OBW (One Block Wonder). I have more than one of these from my aunt but this one is the most complete so I have a plan for it once it has been quilted. Hand quilting is a longer process, but it is well worth it. Not to mention, this block deserves that tender care as it is old and a little fragile. Well worth saving.

Hope you’ll check out the other Sunday Sampler posts from past Sundays by clicking the tab at the top of this page. And…..

Wishing you all the very best in holiday wishes today as you celebrate!

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

For the Children


Screenshot_2015-12-20-11-05-33 (1)Last week I tried an online auction for the very first time. And……I won!!!


Here are my winnings. A Gathering of 12 Vintage Christmas Stories for children.


Older versions have such superb artistry.

Do you have any idea how spellbound my kiddos will be? You can’t find this stuff on tv or computer screens.

(unless you search eBay)

These deserve to be Cherished and Read to our young.


Florence Sarah Winship is a renown illustrator of¬†books and coloring books. I’m thrilled to have¬†her name on 2 of my new acquisitions.

I’ll be Gathering memories this week!


Old Rosin the Beau

Old is the key word here. I collect Old Stuff.

It was¬†due to my Great Grandmother. The eldest daughter in each¬†generation receives a Secretary/cabinet¬†full of salt and pepper shakers. I am the 4th generation. I will pass it down to my eldest daughter who was the 5th generation 1st born daughter. If there’s never a girl born, I don’t know what will happen. The rule isn’t written down, just a tradition that’s been passed down. (oops, I guess it is now)¬†But girls it is for now and after it goes to Rachel, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it ūüôā I’ve done my part. I have added many, many shakers to the collection in the last 28 years.

I bit of history about this cabinet……It survived the Good Friday tornado of 1973¬†. We had recently moved into our brand new 14 X¬†90 foot mobile home but hadn’t ‘tied down’ all sides of it, only partially. Considering the tornado that passed that day was an F3, I don’t think it would have mattered. Our home was a total loss and¬†we only walked away with the clothes on¬†our backs, except for the unpacked¬†boxes still in the old Chrysler Dad drove. But this cabinet survived miraculously. Probably because it was empty.¬† Here’s a link to that tornado’s path as well as several others in our¬†state’s history. If you look at Sedalia, we’re pretty much a bull’s eye.

Fact: There were 5 of us jammed into that Old Chrysler, boxes and all; Daddy, Mother,¬†my¬†Uncle Neal, my¬†baby sister, and I. ¬†Daddy had the¬†accelerator floored in ‘Reverse’ and the car wouldn’t budge. That’s because the rear end of the car was in the air. We watched our home flipped onto its side before our eyes and, somehow, we didn’t¬†get flipped over in that¬†car. Can you say “Divine Intervention”? We are most definitely thankful for it.