Peacock Door/Thursday Doors

From the computer ‘vault’ this Thursday Doors, I’m presenting a donation door that I hope to see in person some day. Until then, I hope you’ll enjoy this little taste of Chicago from my daughter’s latest conference trip. She sure hit a home run with this one!

Letting this speak for itself.
Letting this speak for itself.

A great portrayal is hard to beat when conveying the story behind a great set of doors.

The aforementioned lobby
The aforementioned lobby

The Palmer House Lobby is pretty lavish. I wish the lights had a little less glare to see the fixtures. But even so, they definitely spared no expense here.

Peacock Door
Peacock Door

Now that’s a ‘spensive door! Fenced off for good reason. I’m pretty sure most folks would have all stopped to photograph it to avoid staring.

To sum it up, I think lots of Thursday Doors are a result of not wanting to be caught staring at the wonderful doors we find. I hope you’ll stop over at Norm 2.0 and check out his doors as they’re always wonderful. He’ll tell you where to find the rest of his followers as well.



  1. Wow – I have never seen a “real estate door” before and this might be the most expensive door I have seen – and weighs half ton? Might be heaviest door too-
    Nice but if Chicago history – return to grandeur indeed (happy Thursday)

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  2. I’ve been there and have photographed that one too. I don’t remember it being roped off back then but this was in 2012, I think.
    Yes, that lobby is breathtaking too. It was nice of your daughter to share this ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. This Peacock Door has to be one of my favorites. If you come to Chicago, do a Chicago Architecture Foundation ( tour. That’s where I first learned all about the Palmer House history.

    Also, visit the Drieshaus Museum, which is a gorgeous mansion. They offer summer walking tours and I loved their tours about domestic servants.

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  4. How exciting to read this as my daughter will be spending her summer in Chicago (internship) and I hope to visit. This will def be on the ‘must see’ list. Thank you for sharing!!!

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