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Kate Douglas Wiggin was an American author who wrote Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Included in her other accomplishments was that of beginning the first free kindergarten in San Francisco in 1878. I like to begin with this lady pioneer in education as I feel women trailblazers have really had to work to get us to where we are in this day and age. Her life and the triumphs she made despite adversity give us something to emulate.

While deciding on this post topic, I found a little tidbit in my grandmother’s clippings. This grouping includes a quote from this great lady and I’ll share it in a bit. But first, I wanted to give my daughter’s best friend a huge congratulations on this day, the day after her graduation. Today she is officially Dr. and there was much sacrifice for her to get to this place. And along the way, she gave safe harbor to my daughter. Seemingly alone, when miles away from family and friends, she stepped up to stand beside my daughter during what seemed like there was such a formidable mountain to climb. This is the trait of a great, kind and beautiful person. Alex, we certainly wish you many, many blessings in your life and career!

Clippings kept from Grandma Inez meant for Alex I am quite sure!
Clippings kept from Grandma Inez meant for Alex I am quite sure!

To all the graduates out there, not much has changed since the 1920’s era of this publication in what is important in your success. I say, be like Dr. Alex. Start with kindess.

The hooding of Dr. Alex at the University of Kansas, May 18, 2019
The hooding of Dr. Alex at the University of Kansas, May 18, 2019

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The Open Gate/#thursdaydoors

I hope you can endure yet another one of my momma brag moments.

Progressing closer to securing that PhD. The eldest daughter has passed her exams. Now a few steps left. In other words, oral defenses, a dissertation, and a mountain of research. Don’t even ask about the job application process.


Steps up Mt. Oread

One of the photos she’s shared over the last 2 years. 

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Campanile/Thursday Doors

Definition of Campanile: A free standing bell tower especially associated with a church or other public building, especially in Italy.

EX: The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a campanile.

For people in my locality, the definition may be needed. I speak for myself for sure. I know I’ve asked my daughter half a dozen times for the name “of that tower” before it finally sank in. Guess I’m not a person who associates pictures with memorizing. But maybe it will help you in this Thursday Doors post.

IMG_9653 (2)

To serve the purpose of the topic of ‘doors’ I present the doorway of the University of Kansas Camponile in which KU graduates pass through during their commencement ceremony. I’m pretty ecstatic that my eldest will pass through here twice in the next year or 2. In May she’ll get her Masters Degree. Woot! Woot! And tentatively, the next May will be for her Ph.D. Such a proud mama in case it wasn’t pretty evident.


The bells are housed in the top of the tower as the photo on the far right says.

As it is naptime, I’m not checking to see if this video works, so please excuse my methods if it’s a fail. Notice the eagle didn’t decide to endure them. chuckle


Main point to make is that it’s a very meaningful monument for the university. The engravings along the doorway each have symbolic meaning as well. Wish I’d have spent more time studying up, but maybe another time. Naptime is nearly over.

Leaving you with some outward views from this beautiful spot on the campus.


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