2 Senoritas & Herb/ Sunday Sampler

It’s time to show off my mother’s stash that I finally put on Etsy today. Sorry I took so long, Mom.


She does such a wonderful job at hand embroidery. I could definitely see these in a South Texan ranch. hint hint (we have some family there btw)


This  lil’ berry pattern has a special touch with some blue leaves. They would be lovely sittin’ next to a July 4th dish.


We used to know a guy named Herb. He was my husband’s boss for a short time. But the ‘herb’ here is obviously not a person, just a lovely Marjoram pattern for someone’s kitchen. Sous Chef’s, take note!

Hope you enjoy your week and this episode of the Sunday Sampler.

A Little Latino/ Sunday Sampler

I’m back from the A to Z Challenge and with that I’ll begin the Sunday Sampler again. To start I’m showcasing Momma’s Set of 2 Flour Sack Towels with this picture.


Mother hand cuts, hems and then hand embroiders these. A true exhibit of her talent.

These were just listed today on Etsy. Click here to take a shop stroll.

Keepsakes/ Letter K

Mother is a pretty good seamstress. She spent countless hours and used up a lot of patience  keeping me focused back in my 4-H’er days. Thought I’d share a couple of her talents for my letter K entry in the A to Z Challenge.

Last summer she handed down her Raggedy Ann and Andy doll patterns to me. il_fullxfull.595566146_588s

These dolls were made for each of her grandchildren. My mother and Aunt Glenda each made them so no one would be left out of this special treat. Probably because I’m not a grandma yet, (and I’m not in Any hurry) I have yet to find time to make one. It takes a little more dedication than I can seem to harness right now. There’s the proper fabric, notions and then doing the hand embroidery that keeps me from diving in. I could go on about that ‘time’ excuse but we need to move on to…..

Keepsake #2

towelsMother hand embroiders and these gems are a going off to grad school with my eldest daughter. Mother wanted to put them on Etsy, but I’ve nabbed them myself for the $25 she was asking. I only need to get them pressed on the ol’ ironing board and Rachel will have good quality flour sack towels as well as a ‘K’eepsake.

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Aunt Glenda Inspired/ Letter A

First off, welcome to the 2016 A to Z April Blog Challenge, my version. You will hopefully find a little inspiration for yourself among my posts this month. This will be my 3rd year in a row, 2nd time on this blog, to participate.  My theme for this round is Creativity. Be sure to say hello and let me know you dropped by. I’d love to hear from you!  I hope you’ll take time to visit some of the other bloggers out there.

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When my husband and I got married, one of my favorite wedding gifts came from Aunt Glenda. She appliqued a set of 4 flour sack towels for us and I still love having them out on display. They serve double duty here as they make great covers for my appliances. I could put those gadgets all away like the picturesque kitchens in magazines. But my kitchen is a ‘working’ kitchen. We make 3 meals a day most of the time. I am a licensed home childcare provider and we feed home cooked meals here. My little applique towels keep my kitchen cheerful.

So recently I made a version of my own.

Here’s a before and after of the applique piece. The embroidery is hand stitched. I hadn’t hand embroidered for a long time so I needed to brush up a bit before I started. This little project has a lot of promise for future gift giving. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, house warmings, Mother’s Day (don’t forget your Mom, Sunday,May 8) or just for myself.

And, by the way Aunt Glenda, You’re pretty awesome!