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Jubilant, adjective: showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant.Evette & Zach

I’m lucky to have a sister who loves taking photos and was ready at a moments notice when the fiance-to-be said, “I’m doing this today.”

Our family is absolutely ‘Jubilant’ for this couple!

Photo Credit: Barbi, my sister 🙂

Play on color: The proud Aunt, Me.

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A Hunter Family Kind of Christmas

 Wikipedia has a definition for “what we do” each year for our family Christmas party:
A white elephant gift exchange is a holiday party game found primarily in North America. Generally, white elephant parties need a minimum of six participants. With a larger group, game play may be more protracted. White elephant parties have been known to result in playful rivalries between players trying to get sought after gifts. The goal of a white elephant party is usually to entertain rather than to gain.
While the term “white elephant” originally referred to a less-than-serious gift, its association with this particular game has become synonymous in some circles, such that the game itself is commonly called a White Elephant Gift Exchange.

I have a definition with a Smilebox Slideshow. Take a look and enjoy!

And I hope everyone else is making wonderful memories with their loved ones!!

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Wagon Wheel

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.
IMG_1510 Barbara Bush quotes

Funny thing about quotes when they remind you of a family event.

(I just love Barbara Bush by the way)

The thing you see me ‘wrapped up’ in above is a Wagon Wheel throw.


Been working on it for awhile. It’s a totally new pattern and I knew as soon as I got an invitation to that ‘family event’ I mentioned above, I would be bringing it along.


I placed it on the floor and that made it look like a rug. But trust me, it would be a little slippery.


Here are the 2 people it was intended for. My Aunt Glenda and Uncle Don. We gathered to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary at the Lincoln City Hall.



Boy have they been a major influence in my life!! Can’t say enough how grateful I am to them for all the wonderful memories we share. Aunt Glenda knows how to cook Everything! And Uncle Don taught me how to pan for gold. Who could as for more than that?! Here’s to many more years of togetherness and more blessings than you can imagine.


This pic is for Ron’s buddy John Snyder. I’m saving these for your fly fishin’ lures.