Crochet O’clock/Sunday Sampler


This delectible gelato has absolutely nothing to do with hand made items.


Except it was my reward for spending this weekend using up some cotton yarn.

After I ran out of chocolate.

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I Don’t Need a License to Carry/Sunday Sampler

Meet “N”


My 9.00 MM.

I’ve done quite a bit of damage this past week with this lil’ Gat.

Other “Pet Names” can include:

  • Piece
  • Carbine
  • Repeater
  • Saber
  • Ordnance

The retired law enforcement hubster could give me more names, but we’ll keep this list small for starts. I may end up on a list with the NSA, CIA, FBI or who knows??

Around here though,

Keeping it clean with crocheted washcloths.


Uses for a Hand Crocheted Dishcloth don’t stop with the dishes.

  • Nubbies are great for scrubbing your countertops
  • Soft texture is nice for baby’s bathtime (or Mom’s)
  • Keep them handy for a quick trivet when the bowls are too hot for your table.
  • Dust and toss in the wash.
  • Teether towel. Just dampen with cold water and serve to sooth those tender gums.
  • Add to gift baskets this season with other kitchen or bath items.

Eco friendly and durable, these will last for many years with proper care.

Hope you enjoyed today’s shot of the Sunday Sampler



Dishcloth or Dishrag? Or Other?

Recently my mother-in-law/neighbor/great listener asked me if I had any ‘light’ colored dishcloths. I did. But the choice was pretty small as I hadn’t had time to replenish my supply from fall craft festivals. Here’s what was left for her to choose from.


Pretty slim pickin’s. But the topic came up about whether we grew up calling them dishrags or dishcloths. Or was there some other name we’d heard of? Regardless, we know we like pretty ones and my crocheted ones fit the bill. You can pretty much pick any color you like with the yarn choices out there. But be sure to use cotton, 100% if you decide to try your hand at creating some. Acrylic just doesn’t absorb water like cotton. You’ll be ‘hooked’ once you try one of these homemade versions!

For some free patterns, here are a few links:(you may need to create a login)


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