My Folly/Thursday Doors


 This week for my Thursday Doors, you’ll see the interior view of The Folly Theatre in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The handsome man you see here took me for a special evening out to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Weekend10a

I’m particularly fond of the earliest part of the evening as it was before ‘The Drink’.


We had exclusive box seats. The one I circled is directly opposite ours. So Stage view was amazing!


I do remember most everything. Especially meeting Brother Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives after the show. But to the person who slipped that something extra in my drink, just know that this ol’ girl didn’t fall off a turnip truck. I ended up with a nice policeman escorting me to the door with sincere interest in how I ended up in that condition. Your day will come.

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  1. I am a big fan of Marty Stuart… met him after a show at the Duquoin (Illinois) State Fair back in the 20th century… swapped him his autograph for my uniform police patch! 🙂 p.s. I hope they catch the dope who slipped something in your drink!!

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  2. i don’t think you should be embarrassed by something horrible that somebody did to you! like you, i feel that it was just some weird thing, although since my husband (kevin, msgt3227) and yours are both retired police, they seem to suspect people much more! i hope it was a splendid evening besides that.

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    • When you appear as if you’ve drank the bar dry rather than having had just one drink, it does draw some stares. I’m not fond of drawing attention to myself. Never had the room spinning on me before lol. I appreciate your kind support 🙂 The positive in this is that now my husband knows I’m a kind drunk (he’s seen all sorts).


  3. First of all: Happy anniversary!
    That is a lovely theater. My goodness, the idea of a stranger slipping something into someone’s drink is damn scary – thank goodness you’re okay.

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