Truth Serum/WPC



This is the stuff that the hubster has lovingly declared as my own personal truth serum. After a taste testing of each flavor(thank you to my sister for the gift) — ok maybe a little extra from another larger bottle, , there was a warning sent out to my daughters that no telling what I will state, but it will be most definitely truthful.

I will be more careful to not indulge after a stressful moment in my life….

unless need be 😉

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  1. Back in the ’70’s when Baileys was first invented (it was the world’s first cream liqueur) I used to babysit for the man responsible for Baileys first advertising campaign and its launch on the market. I remember he brought a bottle home one night after he and his wife had been at a business dinner with the inventors of the liqueur and gave me a glass of it. I had never tasted anything so delicious. Its still one of my favourite drinks, mixed with cold milk and lots of ice. Yummy. I usually have it with some dark chocolate that I keep in the freezer.

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