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Hymn #304 Send the Light

An oldie from 1890 by Charles H. Gabriel. He is known for writing or composing over 7000 songs. This Hymn is #304 in my copy of The Baptist Hymnal.

Speaking of Charles, I have an Uncle Charles.

  • Fondly¬†referred to as Uncle Sonny.
  • Always gave out shiny brand new half dollars for birthdays.
  • A Korean Vet
  • Member of the 101st Airborne
  • Cooked for General MacArthur during the Korean War. He loved reminding me of that.
  • Loved to talk about jumping from airplanes. My first memory of hearing about parachuting. I w.a.s in AwE!!¬†(That is on my bucket list. Could my knees handle that? Probably not .)
  • We’d ‘catch him’ driving by our house sometimes. He liked to keep an eye on things. Like a guardian. Loved that about him.
  • He did Not like crowds. Always the first to leave early from family events. Probably a smart move as Randall’s are reknown arguers. lol¬† Some would prefer the word “Debaters”.

¬†To my family, if any of you have a good¬†photo of Uncle Sonny, I’d love to have one…hint hint. Mine are¬†buried in a closet¬†belonging to a daughter who shall remain nameless¬†ūüôā