A new digital issue arrived in my email today of a favorite crochet magazine.

Natural daily post


The yarn weight is one of the first things I look at because, naturally I have that “4 Medium” yarn in my stash. The thing about this pattern is that it could  lend itself to other yarn weights. And weight is an issue around here with a heat index of 102.

And did you see the line “Gauge is not important for this project“? That is my personal invitation.

Here’s the ‘to do’ pattern picture. I would pick a ‘Natural’ color rather than the Hot Pink. And some lighter weight yarn would mean more motifs. But I think the result would be stunning. Time to search that fiber collection for possibilities.



By the Light of Chandeliers-Not/Letter C

So I have a couple graduates in my home this year. They both graduated last December and are 25 years apart, to the day(same birthdate). They are my husband and my eldest daughter. So to treat them both, we decided to spend an evening at a concert. Kacey Musgraves was our musician of choice.

sign del la Kacey

On the way there was crochet…

File_000 (15)







And this would have went on and on – but for the lighting.

These do not lend well to my aging eye sight. But I’ll show you what was in the Constructive Playthings bag!


So now for the collages

In the bag.jpg

In the bottom of that tote we find these items….

letter c collage.jpg

April copy of Crochet World, my needle pouch that won’t quite zip all the way, & a little stitch marker/needle case.

Unfortunately there are numerous stashed bags around my house and we don’t have enough time to empty them all for you.  Yes, You are Welcome 🙂

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