Letter H & I

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On the Occasion of Hudson’s 1st Birthday

There are many ways to celebrate a birthday party these days with all the cool themes out there. I have 3 boys in my daycare who are smitten with the movie “Frozen” and those chics Elsa and Anna. But little Hudson is still none the wiser and so I had a clear-cut advantage to have a theme of simple “PlaY”.

We got out the parachute and proceeded to learn some new ‘moves’.

party Hudson

Here we’re trying to turn the parachute round and round…..

party Hudson 2

But it’s much more fun to try and sit in the middle, or so Hudson decided. After all, he’s the party czar of the day. And after exhausting the parachute fun, we moved on.

party Hudson 3

Bean bags became the mode of entertainment. We danced with them, played “musical freeze” and tossed them into a tub. Lots of large muscles moving.

party Hudson 4

       Tracing Hudson required a little assistance from my daughter.                                   (Thank you Kirsten) When you’re 1, you don’t quite understand why anyone would make you lie down on a piece of paper. A spatial experience is what I’m going with educationally here. A time capsule for Mom and Dad is the goal.

Big Birthday Hugs and Blessings Hudson!

Camping Party

 IMG_2534 (2)

A June highlite for all you partiers out there! This one is for preschoolers so you may move along if it doesn’t appeal to your age group 🙂 We came upon our theme with the purchase of Flat Stanley Goes Camping.

IMG_2516 (2)This creation was our impromptu ‘campfire’. There was much safety talk before the festivities began as we took a time for that Teaching Moment.

Games to be played around the campfire…..

  • Campfire stories of course
  • Marshmallow toss (we used cotton balls)
  • Musical campfire

IMG_2525 (2)

A little outdoor play with the parachute is mandatory when weather permits with our rendition of “How Many Do You Want to Be?”(a counting game) As well as our “Weather of the Day”, after all, camping is greatly impacted by the weather, right?!

IMG_2528 (2)We have to send a big THanK YoU! to Weston’s mommy for providing our camping-style treat. Ice Cream Sundaes. Topping choices were chocolate, strawberry syrup, whipped topping and sprinkles. Yummo!


Jesus Loves Me

If I’m well by the time this post airs, I hope to let you listen to the children in my home daycare sing Jesus Love Me to you. I have had the stomach bug 3 times this season. A record. And an occupational hazard I have learned to live with. Anyhoo, My policy says no ‘faces’ of children on my blog to keep them safe online. But we can add sound and show you our “Jazzy” party ideas.

This set of party ideas is for a 1 year old & I’m showing it ‘in photos’.IMG_6374a

Conversation starter….What will they be doing in 20 years?

IMG_0153 IMG_0154

Body tracing (we had to tape some paper together) Everyone helps decorate. And then we played musical hats. When music stops, you put one on. We had a little trouble that time with ‘someone’ who wanted to stomp hats. Never a dull moment. haha

IMG_0441 IMG_0442

This is a homemade game using wallpaper book samples. We picked an Action Flower and then performed the action as a group. Glad there’s not a video of that! lol

IMG_0456 IMG_0464.jpga

The stickers are for Pin the Jewel on the Crown. We use masking tape over sunglasses because some children are afraid to be blindfolded. It is an awesome solution!

The grand finale is making personal pizzas. Under each bagel pizza is a name written in black marker so they know they are getting “their” pizza. Possession is 9 /10ths of the law right??!!  Early minds quickly grasp that theory. Don’t believe me? Watch a pair of 2 year olds playing side by side. Or watch a pair of parents going through child custody. Same difference.