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The Badge

In the Thursday Doors entry contribution I have this go-round, you get to see two locations that once housed Montgomery Ward in Sedalia, Missouri. Catalog stores, department stores and automotive department all in one. According to Britannica, the first catalog produced by Ward in 1872 was 150 items on one page. MIght have needed a good pair of spectacles for that one. And by the way, the founder’s name was Montgomery Ward. Kudos to his spirit of ingenuity.

Sedalia’s 1st MW Location

Another fun fact, between 1910 and 1931, some 32,000 kit homes were sold by Montgomery Wards. That’s a lot of doors! After the first move, the above location had been Kay’s for many years until just this past winter when she relocated. Hopefully the new owners will keep this location just as pristine as Kay has.

Sedalia’s 2nd MW location

This location at 4th and Kentucky took up half a block. An alley in the back cut it in half. But it had the auto/garage portion as well as appliances, department store and the catalog department. It’s now an advertising agency and really hasn’t changed much on the exterior other than removing signage and boxing up those windows.

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  1. Fabulous pictures and story. I remember when the Montgomery Wards store closed in our small Oregon town. It felt like the death of the era. In the mid and late 50s I loved the catalogues, and cut out the pictures and made paper dolls. They were the place to go for appliances, as I remember. I learned about kit houses when I was an adult, and that seemed amazing to me that someone could order a house from a catalogue. You have the stats on that info. Very fun and memorable post, Katy.

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