Hill and Valley/#AtoZ

The April A to Z Blog Challenge is an annual blogging event in which participants blog every day (except Sundays) one post for each letter of the alphabet for the entire month. My theme for the year will be “Quilts and Ozark Slang.” So gitchur cuppa coffee or sodapop, grab a pilluh, and sit a spell.

For the 22nd letter of this A to Z (and one yet to be revealed), I’m just hoping the ‘V’ in the title will do. For the sake of keeping my quilt blocks uniform, I needed to choose a block that didn’t need any extra color choices than I’ve already used. To be quite frank, I need to stay away from the fabric store as long as possible in order to use up my rather large fabric supply.

You see, there is such a thing as Too Much of a Good Thing. And my fabric collection is the perfect example. By the time I use what I have, the Vintage fabric in my stash will be Archaic. Besides that, there is obviously a monetary side to all this fabric purchasing.  So enough of this blubbering about the letter choice I made for this block. Let’s see it finished!


Hill & Valley block

Vittles = Ozark slang

I have been slippin’ in my usage of this word. It was used back in the day during all those reruns of ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ and so I took it for granted that my daughters would know what it meant. But alas, they did not and looked at me with that sideways glance all parents recognize when they’ve clearly dated themselves. So, for you young whippersnappers who don’t know the definition to this word, it means Food. Whether serving Dinner- Supper- Breakfast – Snack- and 2nd Snack, these are all vittles. Its thought to be a terrible mispronunciation of the word victuals which is a proper word meaning the same as above.

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