Visiting the Details /WPC


Visiting historical places last summer……

The balcony was massive at this old southern plantation.But the details of the railing would catch any quilter’s eye.

This old smoke house was laced with this diamond brickwork and was probably the crème de la crème of smoke houses in its day.

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Storm of Separation


Such total despair can happen when you’re one.

Poor guy just couldn’t cope when my daughter removed him from harm’s way. The storm was powerful but short-lived.

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Say Hello To My Lil’ Friend

Sunday Sampler

I really like Al Pacino. And his line is forever etched in my mind from Scarface. That’s the only Scarface quote you’ll hear from me,though, as this is a family friendly blog 😉

My own ‘Lil Friend’ is this Bernina Foot that made my life so much smoother today. (and the items I was sewing on.)

walking foot

I have been making these fabric baskets


and why I didn’t start using it sooner is beyond me. I mean it was right behind the sewing machine. “The Eyes, Chico, They Never Lie”. Ok, so you get another quote. Happy Sunday!!


Look Up

I’d like to look up a friend but they are hours away. And probably working right now.

I took time to look up a commentary on a verse I read.

And I’ll most likely look up a good recipe this weekend.

But last night, we stepped out and stood looking up at this humongous sunflower in my garden.

sunflower I didn’t plant it here intentionally. It came in the vegie pack next to a green pepper. Apparently, it went unnoticed as I plopped it into the ground. As the rains came and it became obvious it was not a green pepper plant, it also became clear it was too late to tranplant it and risk the health of either plant.

So there you have it. My ‘beanstalk’ as the kids refer to it. Jack may show up soon 🙂




We go together like salt and pepper. They say.


I have a couple of these in a collection.Secretary.jpg

So more than a couple.

I recently had a new health inspector who hadn’t viewed these before and was forthcoming in his opinion that I share the story ‘inside’ this secretary for future generations. It was quite the opposite inspection visit I expected. I am taking his advice.

In case you’re curious, it survived a F3 tornado back in ’73. I have a post about it here.

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