Limelight/Inez’s Clippings

Inez or someone she knew on the farm and a clipping below

It seemed to me at first that Inez made the newspaper in the top photo. But without a date, I could also assume it’s someone else. Her writing is on the back of the clipping with her name signed. Was it signed later on in life or was it a cousin she was fond of? Whoever it really is, they are adorable! See below:

Inez’s writing

The poem is speaking to me today, and the title of it helped grab my attention. Since I’ve never heard of Lou Pruitt Roberts, I looked her up. And nothing. But there is a Pinterest page that directed me to various years of Successful Farming. I would have subscribed just for the front page covers. Here’s one from 1929.

Based in Des Moines, Iowa. It seems that Meredith Publishing has been around for quite a long while. And there are many topics on the website that I was directed me to. has topics from A to Z concerning today’s family farmer. If you think farming doesn’t affect you, just browse the different articles from the stock market all the way to an article about “textile teachers on the farm”. Mention textile and I’m hooked. Alpaca’s and yarn? Well, just keep reading.

In the poem, the writer says ,”to meet the storms of life with courage –zest….” I took on a crochet challenge in April and I definitely needed some courage to complete it. I was asked in December 2019 to fix a friend’s family heirloom. It’s well over 100 years old. I blogged about it here. In fact it was another Inez’s Clipping post that featured this project.

And this size 30 thread
In the beginning.

Fast forward to the April challenge. I cannot divulge, yet, all of my crochet accomplishments. But I will say I feel very good at my attempts. Three projects are under my belt and the one I am most relieved about is this one. I spoke with a lady in Maine online about various ideas to go about saving the tablecloth. After a little discussion, a little YouTube time, a couple different crochet needle sizes, and a lot of sleeps, I think I made it work. (During the challenge on the forum, there was one crocheter who said she would have kept it! Cannot believe some people. haha) Anyway, I hope it lasts for another 100 years because the workmanship is excellent and I was honored to be part of saving it for this family.

Those 2 girls are favorites of mine! And they’ll inherit this work of art.


  1. You did a great job with the crochet project! Now it will live on as a heirloom that can be used. Isn’t it nice to find a clipping with a poem that almost feel like a greeting from your grandmother!

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    • You have put into words exactly how I feel towards my grandmother’s clippings 😊 and perfect timing on our US Mother’s Day! Hugs to you Marit!


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