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Somewhat caught up after having a little more added to my plate of life. To keep it short and sweet I’ll just say that I’m thankful my mother-in-law’s leg was only fractured and not fully broken. You can pretty much figure out the rest. But I will say, she’s been a great patient to care for. Never complained once about the meals we fixed or the delay we had on delivering them here and there and always had a smile on her face. I will also say that if you see someone lying in their yard, please go see if they’re ok instead of driving by. This world is completely on fire. Even in Cowtown, Missouri. But moving on…….

The entry I have for Thursday Doors this week is from Houstonia, Missouri. I give you Houstonia Community Church. It’s a non-denominational Christian church pretty much in the center of town. It’s a little unusual with the carport drive-thru but I can definitely see the benefits to this feature with a rainy Sunday morning service. The contrasting white woodwork as well as the multi-pane windows are what I feel gives it that special ‘something’. I hope you enjoy the view.

I found a little tidbit on their Facebook page that’s definitely worthy sharing for this post. It is a newsclipping from someone’s grandson that pastored the church in the 1940’s; the bittersweet era of days gone by when these little towns were nearing the end of their heyday.

Shared via Facebook page of Houstonia Community Church



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