Main Street, Lindsborg/ThursdayDoors


Sharing bits of Lindsborg, Kansas in this week’s Thursday Doors post. This is a delightful place and I have lots coming later. For now, I have some businesses that captured my attention. Hope you enjoy.

A little background of this town —- Also known as Little Sweden, USA, it was settled by Swedish immigrants in 1869. Lindsborg translates as Linden Castle in English. Population today is approximately 3,300. And 30% of the residents claim Swedish descent. Much more to share as I add posts in the future.

Trinity United Methodist Church with ‘wings’ above in the clouds

Also on Main Street but deserving of its own space in my opinion. I mean those double doors with all that stained glass would really be lovely with the inside lit at night.

That does it for my Thursday Doors entry this week. Please visit Dan at No Facilities, our host of this weekly challenge.



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