Fallenstein 1840’s/ThursdayDoors

After a few attempts to find information about my post this week, I had some real success! And it was very unexpected information. So I thought I’d just enter this Thursday Doors post with a response to my email. This is what I learned about this set of doors discovered by my daughter in Glasgow, Missouri.

Now, about the Fallenstein house. I own the house and have lived here for several years.. there is a nice image of the house on my webpage at JYMiller.net.
I like to tell people that “…I live in a house built in the early 40’s” and then add; the 1840s”.The property was one of the original lots of the city laid out by the 13 founders (one of which was my wife’s ancestor, Stephen Donohue). He never owned this property, though. His descendants still own the oldest single family owned drug store in the United States.
My house was built by Charles Fallenstein in the very early 40’s. Fallenstein was a business partner of both William Swinney and Charles Gauss. Fallenstein and Gauss were hat and shoe merchants in Glasgow and later in St. Louis. Gauss was a descendant of Karl Frederick Gauss, generally regarded as one of the world’s great mathematicians. Charles Gauss was not only in business with Fallenstein, he was married to his sister. As a math teacher (45 years), it pleases me to know that Gauss must have often visited in my house.
The house has big rooms and high ceilings. 

Thank you so much, Mr. Miller, for this wonderful piece of Americana history! I have some photos next:

I have to say, even though I’m partial, my daughter can tame a camera! Thanks once again for the collaberation Daughter Dear 🙂 All my love, Mom.

For those wondering where to find more wonderful Thursday Doors, please visit Dan at No Facilities.



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