Jacob’s Ladder/ThursdayDoors

Rural Missouri has plenty of barns, but not as many barn quilts. So I’m always happy to present them to you here when discovered. Once again, I have my youngest daughter to thank for this presentation in this week’s Thursday Doors. Keeping it simple this week. If you are enjoying the weekly doors, please head over to No Facilities and check out the doors from all my blogging friends. Virtual travel has been and continues to be quite the thing these days, so why not take advantage?!

Air Conditioned Year-Round
Sliding Doors under Jacob’s Ladder block design. I like the teal and brown combo.
Door in a Door
My Jacob’s Ladder circa 2010


  1. I like how you connected the barn with your quilt. Quilting is such an art!

    And many thanks to your youngest daughter πŸ™‚ for providing us with close-ups. This way we could enjoy a barn with air-con,,, and a door in a door.

    Thank you!

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