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Rejoining my fellow door buffs this week. Beginning last Thursday, I had a few low-key days that were the result of getting my 2nd vaccine shot. I am happy to say that I didn’t suffer the nausea or headaches. But I would like to mention that if you have any old ‘football’ injuries, it will find them. No sports to speak of in my past for the record, (just a few, significant, reconstructive knee surgeries) but I had joint pain with each vaccine event. It seemed to find my weakest links so to speak. But other than that and some fatigue, I came out unscathed. Also a bit relieved to get it over with. So now, on with the door contribution…….

Today I’m presenting the former Arrow Rock Baptist Church in Arrow Rock, Missouri. It was transformed to a theatre in 1961 that began with a generous donation of the building via a set of co-owners and a monetary gift from a Columbia, Missouri professor. You can read all the details if you click here. I would rather you do that than let me try to sum up all that went into the creation of the current Lyceum Theatre. I regret to say I have never attended a performance here, but that is not to say for lack of trying. It is on my bucket list. So hopefully someday, I’ll have some interior photos in my collection. Until then, I have yet another batch of photos via Kirsten (daughter#2) with a couple extra doors included.



  1. The shows there aregreat. Seating is very good. There are no bad seats. I have enjoyed the shows verytime I went. Maybe wecould go together sometime, cuz.

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  2. I love that they were able to repurpose this beautiful building in a way that still allows the public to step inside and take it all in. I do hope you get a chance to see a performance. Thanks for sharing these wonderful doors.

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