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It’s that time again!

Today’s photos are brought to you by the summer month of July, 2020. Dwindling down my doors stash as winter progresses. Might have to dive into paper photos πŸ˜‰ Remember those?? Til then, here is a gorgeous jewel from Tipton, Missouri that is a famous high school senior/prom photo destination. Screen door on the lower level (and I can’t be sure about the one on the balcony?), but I might hesitate stepping out on that balcony. I have never toured the inside, but the grounds are well-kept. And as you can see in the photo above, there is picnic seating. Perfect stopover if you want to pack a lunch to enjoy on a warm afternoon. Car drives and picnics used to be our daughters’ favorite weekend activity. Frying up a batch of chicken, along with some potato salad and biscuits topped with some honey–always a good time when good food and kids are involved! Messy, yes. But so worth it!

Glad you dropped in for my Thursday Doors entry! Please take a few to click here and visit Dan for more gorgeous doors from across the world from the comfort of your home.



  1. Wonderful doors (but now I’m hungry for fried chicken, potato salad and biscuits). The balcony is so large, I really like what it adds to the house. I would imagine some good times were had up there. The grounds do look inviting.

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    • It’s even larger around the back as there’s a wing I didn’t get photographed. Maybe another day 😊 I’ve just learned how to make gluten free dinner rolls so might be my new consideration. Pretty yummy! Thanks for your visit!

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