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birthday. We wrote to Wyce.

Mon. Jan.13, 1930

Today is Grandma D’s birthday. She is 88 years old. I came to school this morning. Was nearly late. I got here just at 9 o’clock, exactly. We sent a film and some negatives to Snappy Snapshots Studio this morning. Mother sent Elizabeth’s little nighties to her. I talked to mother this evening and she said Dad had got his suit and thought it was pretty nice. I am anxious to see it. Last Saturday I started to keep an account of my income and expenses. It sure is interesting to keep one. Mother got the blanks at Farm Bureau and is keeping one herself.

Pg. 11 β€” Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Grandma D came to America on a sailing ship in 1857 along with her 2 sisters. I am sure celebrating her 88th was a pretty big deal! Some of the things she saw during her lifetime I can’t begin to imagine. Kind of like the tales I’ll be able to pass down someday. Who remembers when we used to have to Pay to call outside our town. Long distance calls were a luxery. We have come so far with techonology since I was just a little girl wanting to chat with my grandma on the phone. I can only imagine what they would have thought of FaceTime.

Grandma D- Front & Center, and her daughters. Thanks Aunt Maybelle for this wonderfulness!!
Elizabeth mentioned in the Day Journal is the tallest girl. So when you read ‘nighties’, she was the intended recipient and was significantly younger.

The mention of ‘blanks’ from Farm Bureau in this entry raised my eyebrows. I was pretty sure I knew what they’d look like so I set to searching the web for a same of similar item. I was pretty shocked at what I found price-wise. I consider it luck that I found the following item on Etsy for $65. And because of copyrights, I cannot give you a photo of the item. But it is a definitely comparible to the blanks my grandmother acquired from Farm Bureau.

I’m about to give you a door since this is also a Thursday Doors entry. We are keeping our daycare enrollment very low due to the virus as I have only high risk families in care. I’m stating this for the benefit of locals who are reading. A very wide array of opinions on safety keep me from opening my doors up to regular capacity. I’m also sorry to say that this week our county ‘won’ the award of most active cases in the state of Missouri. 2020 really has been a dumpster fire. But even with all the depressing stuff, I have something sweet to make your day. We’ve been talking about homes with our Thanksgiving holiday coming up. Check out this lovely set of homes below.

I hope you enjoyed this dual purpose post. Please visit Norm 2.0 for lots of wonderful door contributions. A great way to see the world from within you own front door.

Quote of the day from Jenson, age 4: “When I was laughing, my heart was laughing.” May you find laughter this Thursday!!



  1. Your daycare, your rules. None of this is easy on anyone but I just don’t understand how we can’t all agree on a few known basic safety guidelines and practices to JUST NOT MAKE IT WORSE!
    Our Thanksgiving last month seems to have been the catalyst for the recent spike in cases here in Canada. Of course it’s tempting to want to get together with family and friends for big holidays, but now not the best time for it. Keep safe πŸ™‚


  2. That is so precious you have this as a memory! Now I’m at the age that I’m thinking, at least one of my grand children will write about their grandmother’s birthday! Am planning to get old:) What about you?


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