Scouted Doors/ Thursday Doors

I was gifted some doors this week and even though I’ve posted about Arrow Rock a few times (here’s one), I like seeing someone else’s perspective, don’t you? But first a few interesting facts about Arrow Rock.

  • Founded in 1829
  • Originally named Philadelphia
  • Arrow Rock bluff along the Missouri River was known for its flint and was an important landmark for Native Americans. It’s name in French “pierre a fleche” translates to Rock of Arrows- hence it’s namesake.
  • Three Missouri governors came from Arrow Rock
  • Names associated with Arrow Rock are Dr. John Sappington (reknowned for quinine and George Caleb Bingham, Missouri’s outstanding artist of the mid-1800s.)
  • For me personally, Bingham is one of my favorite artists. Before photography, he recorded images in art of his Missouri. The County Election is one I’d recommend viewing via the Internet considering our current atmosphere in this country. I think elections have always had a full gambit of illustrious characters. (And that’s why history is important, peeps)
  • Travelors from all walks of life followed the Missouri River through Main Street on the Santa Fe Trail
  •  Arrow Rock is a certified site along both the Lewis & Clark as well as the Santa Fe Trails.

So hope you found a tidbit that you didn’t know before. Moving on with the photos.

Thanks for visiting this set of donated Doors from my daughter. She’s steadily becoming my ‘Scout’ and I appreciate it so much! Please remember Norm 2.0 this week and visit his “smile-inducing” doors by clicking here. He’ll direct you to doors from around the world as well. Yes, door collecting is real.



  1. am envious – I have two daughters, but no interest in doors. Since I don’t know this countries’ history, it’s all new, and am happy to learn new things:):) By the way, great images!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you’re into history! There’s always something to learn about the world! I hope my 2 girls will let me tag along if they become world travelers 🤞🏻


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