Kindly Stay Between the Lines/Thursday Doors

Happy Thursday ya’ll! This Thursday Doors entry probably should’ve been entered between The Approach and Shackleford Road Bridge posts. But, nothing is normal right now so why should the blog format be any different??!! So here goes….

Beware of seemingly peaceful spans of road where wildlife may dart out unexpectedly
Beware of seemingly peaceful spans of road where wildlife may dart out unexpectedly

We have a habit of calling out ‘dead-a-dillo’ rather than slug bug because the only armadillos we see are lying on the roadside after being hit. It can be a pretty rude awakening to run over one. I might add that these critters are just recently becoming commonplace here in Mid-Missouri. Never saw a single one in my younger days. No roadkill photos to add here, sorry.

Deserted Flatbed Truck

The only dead thing we observed thankfully.

Right Curve ahead--or I thought I caught the whole sign. Sorry again.
Left Curve ahead–or I thought I caught the whole sign. Sorry again.

Too quick on the trigger in some photos on this drive. Had to hold on. That’s what happens when you have impatient vehicles behind you and the hubby doesn’t want to tick them off any further. Not sure what they were in such a hurry for. Not a lot was open at the time of this photo session. Just another crabby-ass driver who was takin’ out frustrations on others. Pretty sick of this Covid mentality of drivers.

I liked this farmstead's layout.
I liked this farmstead’s layout.

And my personal favorite of this post is saved for last. Taken after we were able to turn off and get out of that afore-mentioned drivers way. But first, all I have to ask is why is driving so hard for some people? All you have to do is stay in the lines. My 3 year old kiddos could master driving better than some people these days. Ok, enough.

Open sided barn
Open sided barn

Hope you enjoyed my venting Thursday Doors post this week. Please stay safe out there and take a few minutes to visit Norm 2.0 and all the fantastic door contributors!



  1. Hi Kathy – finally back from a few months without wifi, and having moved to Texas (Austin). Love the steep descent! And the silo – a great landmark! Where I used to live, if you came too close to the one in front of you, they started on purpose driving slower, haha. Great catching up with you:)

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    • Oh so glad you’re back! And I hear Austin is a great place to live😊The eldest daughter has been and loves it there. Look forward to visiting you back this week! Thank you for dropping in!!


  2. thanks for not including a pic of the roadkill 😀 my favorite was the open sided barn. I never expected to encounter armadillos in alabama, my dad always talked of them in texas, but here they are. See alot of “dead-a-dillos” but occasionally see a live one in its natural habitat, they’re kinda cute.

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