Gottschalk Road/Thursday Doors

We were all set for our 7 am grocery pick up, but alas, they had techincal difficulties and we decided to drive on instead of sitting idly by in the parking space to wait. Good call I think. What follows are some scenes on a little back road of Pettis County that is not highly traveled, due in part to a water-crossing that you’ll need to engage the 4-wheel drive to pass through. In other words, it’s a very muddy and pretty steep path out of the creek. Sorry no picks this time on that, but I did get my doors for the week. Hope you enjoy!

One of my favorite barn captures thus far. Note the birds–either young eagles or turkey buzzards– perched on top looking for a meal. Apologies for cutting off the gate entrance to your right. Some doors open, some not.
Freshly mowed and not yet combed for baling.
Gates count as ‘doors’ I’m told
Morning Glories will be climbing this gate soon.

Just for your information, adding a video of pasture grasses you’d find in Missouri. Did you know there are ‘grazing schools’? Farming is not for amateurs.

Proud of our farmers!

Thanks for visiting and please pay a call on Norm 2.0 for more fabulous Thursday Doors entries from around the world. Stay safe!



  1. What a large barn! Yes, anything that opens and closes (except for lids) is considered a door, so also car doors, etc. A peaceful atmosphere here, kathy.. Am moving, so won’t be blogging for a month – have a fantastic one! Jesh

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