Enormous Need for Exercise/Letter E

Welcome to this year’s A to Z Challenge! This year I’m talking Child Care. I’ll be blogging topics related to my many years in the family home daycare profession. I hope you can find a tidbit of information that is useful in caring for children whether you’re a parent, grand or another important person in a child’s life. And to end each post, I’ll share a bit of my creative side/relaxation time. Taking time for yourself is good for your health–both yours and your family’s 😉

I was blessed to have this young man and his brother both in their tender years til it was time to head off to Kindergarten.

Fidgeting- Bouncy – Energetic – Wiggley – Full of Beans – Whatever you call these balls of energy, you have to find them outlets to move. Exercise is one of the most important parts of early childhood. In my early years of childcare, before Pinterest, I had to do some research and use some basic mom engenuity to get the ball rolling as they say.

My youngest contributes her musical abilities too. Can you see the delight she brings?!

When stuck indoors, some things I still fall back on are those items you can use with minimal dollars. Body movement games, for example:

  1. Take a square box (recycled of course) wrap it up with gift wrap using the plain, white side for the outside surface. Place actions on each side in either writing or pictures. You may be a better artist than me 😉 Even wrapping in freezer paper will work very well. Works great as a large homemade dice set, too. Use stickers along with the numbers for counting practice.
  2. Dance!! This activity lets them move freely without feeling any pressure to perform. Around here, Freeze Dance is the favorite. Especially when I play a little bluegrass for them. I always hear them ask me to play “Faster Stephie, Faster!”. And of course I oblige 🙂
  3. Another way to engage the children is a Dance Off. One child will take the center stage, do their moves, and then when the timer runs out, they pick another willing participant to display their execution. It allows even a shy child time to warm to the idea of getting involved. And even if they don’t there is guaranteed laughter–the best medicine for cabin fever.
By far one of my favorite captures by the hubby! This girl! Shy at first, but she can bring it now! Dance and song are her specialty 😉

Whatever way you can encourage movement, the benefit to children (and caregivers) is Enormous. Lifestyles that start early with movement can last a lifetime and keep them healthier both mentally and physically.

I have a pile of requests to try and fulfill in the evenings with either sewing or crocheting. One I filled during this pandemic was for my mother. When her brother passed at the Missouri Veterans Home in Mexico, Missouri, she and her sisters were left with his belongings to sort out as is a normal thing. But one item she requested I create for my sister was this pillow. It’s from one of his shirts. Just a really great way to preserve someone’s memory in my opinion.

Hope you’ll take time to check out other A to Z blogs in the month on April. Click here to find the list. Click here for the Official A to Z blog. Have a great day and stay safe!!



  1. A timely post — undoubtedly useful for parents sheltering in place with small children. Also love the commemorative pillow. I have seen quilts done similarly using square made from several treasured t-shirts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oops my reply didn’t send. Our internet has been a little strained this past few weeks. No doubt everyone is on their device. Thanks for visiting btw and we actually made a couple quilts from old tshirt and some soccer jerseys as well. A great memory keeper!


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