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Lilacs first Peek

What does one do when going from 11 hour work days to zero? My solution has been spending time getting creative in the sewing room, writing, cleaning, and the other stuff I’m about to share with you. Hope you enjoy these little bright spots of the day that are part of our new normal of being socially distanced.

A ticket booth door to share from the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

Thanks for visiting this week. You can find more Thursday Door entries over at Norm 2.0 by just clicking here. You’ll find doors from all over the world, collected way before this pandemic. Enjoy!!



  1. Wow that’s an adjustment! Now the president decided Easter should be the time to resume “normal” life, you better do some bucket list things before that:):) Your yard gave you beautiful images! So, what are you sewing? I made an attempt to knit a sock the normal way (last year I made a pair from the toes up). Whoa, the normal way is much harder! Am half way on the first sock, because I also took this time to finish some difficult paintings. Keep up your spirits, and stay healthy:)

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    • Thank you and Good for you on the knitting! I am a socks fan 😊I sure hope we get an all clear for everyone’s sake. And hopefully it’s safe for all those with health issues. Sewing with intent to put items in the Etsy shop or at least finish some UFO’s. Lots of catching up to do for sure. Sending my best to you and yours as well 🙏🏻


  2. Now is certainly the time for all of that: cooking, baking, cleaning, and any pastimes or hobbies we always complain we don’t have time for. Look like you’re well on your way. Enjoy and stay safe 🙂

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  3. I’ve been using up stuff that’s been stuck in the freezer and pantry, saving the more recent stuff for later. I know that’s how you’re SUPPOSED to do it, but I get distracted by shiny new food. Cooking soothes me even more than eating does. And, not to be offensive, but … SHOW US YER SOCKS, GIRLIE!

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  4. No offense taken lol We had some chicken with an expiration date of April 4 and it was already spoiled. So sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you try 🙄 Frustrating. Take care and definitely enjoy the cooking portion!

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  5. It sure is rough with all the changes due to COVID-19. I’m trying to post ideas to parents on how to educate and entertain their kiddos during this distance “homeschooling” time. I’m starting the 2020 A to Z Challenge — how about you?

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    • Just posted my letter A. I’m in year #7 of the challenge but first year I’ve discussed my childcare years in detail. I hope you are staying safe and I’ll be sure to put you on my ‘to read’ list 🙂 Thanks so much for dropping in!!


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