A to Z April Challenge 2020Theme Reveal/ “I Don’t Sit on Babies”

This year, my 7th A to Z, I’m taking the plunge into writing. Drawing from my experiences in my career as a licensed family home childcare provider, I’m sharing some tried and true ideas, antidotes and basic survival skills in the theme: “I Don’t Sit on Babies!” I’ve been caring for children in my home since 1995, been a momma since 1993 and been a caretaker of children for years beyond that in various scenarios — babysitter, aunt, designated safe spot for moms who need a break, and (only once) even a Bible School teacher.

I’ve kept a notebook that lists the names of nearly every child who entered my doors for care. I have a thought, story or memory for every one of them. I could have taken that route for this year, but I feel that sharing Survival Skills is more important at this time. From what I’ve gathered at my latest license inspection visit, in my area, licensed home providers are reduced to 1/4 or less of what they were when I began. That’s quite a drop in just 25 years. I am sorry to hear this news as I have most definitely enjoyed my many years in this field. Maybe this A to Z discussion/writing journey will give food for thought to anyone entertaining the idea of staying at home with children as a job option. If nothing else, moms can use some of these ideas for their own. Either way, it’s a win for the children. And that’s the whole point.

An important point to remember is that everyone needs some down time after work. I spend my down time getting creative in the sewing room or in my recliner with needle in hand. I may show you the latest endeavor and its progress at the end of the posts, or just something simple that I consider relaxing. Sorry, you can take the girl out of the sewing room, but you can’t take the sewing out of the girl. See my last 4 A to Z Challenges to understand 😉

To my fellow A to Z’rs, I like to visit as many blogs as I can and if I’m not seeing yours every day, please know I’m rocking babies and will do my best to get to you as time permits.

So I hope you enjoy a peek into home daycare life with “I don’t sit on babies.”



    • Aww! I appreciate your comment 😊 I’m missing the babies and children desperately this last week tho. I don’t know how I could retire. This has been an eye opener in that respect. I’ll stop by your place tomorrow on the laptop and give a proper visit.


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