Sedalia Cold Storage/ThursdayDoors

Winter seems to keep gifting us this year with just enough snow and cold that you’ll find me inside searching the archives for doors to share for a little longer. Maybe soon I’ll convince the hubster to go for a drive.

Today’s Thursday Doors is known locally as Sedalia Cold Storage. Located at 314 West Main Street, I chose to feature this building for 2 reasons. It has the painted signage on the front and side that is something I feel should be preserved–and chronicled as well. These advertisements are, in my opinion, significant pieces of our past and art in their own right.

Coupons in each package even back then
Coupons in each package even back then

Another reason I chose this weeks entry is the PC (Pittsburgh Corning) glass. We have had a PC plant in Sedalia for a number of years and although it recently changed hands to Owens Corning, we still think of the former when we see the glass blocks. Example below of “PC glass”.

PC glass enhanced entryway
PC glass enhanced entryway

Following are a few more photos to give the building its’ dues. Please give a visit to see the doors of Norm 2.0 as well and the other wonderful door entries from around the globe.



  1. Great photos. I love buildings with painted advertising still visible. Keeping the name of the glass blocks, even though the company changed hands, sits well with me. I still refer to some landmarks by their old names. Good job!

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