On the next to the last day of the year (Dec.30) we make our annual trek to Jefferson City, Missouri. Due to the husband’s arresting past in law enforcement, we keep our vehicle tags private. This requires a renewal in the main office of the Department of Revenue. So it goes. We make the best of the trip most of the time, weather permitting and this day was clear, cold and windy. But the roads were precipitation free.

The street we turned down for ‘tags’is to your left.

For a Thursday Doors fan, this Missouri city should be on your to-do list. I’ll be coming back later when the winds aren’t a thing. I’m a light-weight in tolerating winter wind. Side note: See the capital swathed in the protective covering? It survived an EF-3 tornado on May22 which can have sustained winds of 160 mph. Tragically, 3 lives were lost that day.

Screenshot from Twitter

Now for some more stuff from the day….

Wall removed/collapsed?

We droved past this building in downtown JCMO and had to wonder about the photo above. Hopefully it’s a repair.

A favorite

Stopped at one of our favorite haunts in town. The eldest bought a vintage globe. She studies authoritarian regimes and the Cold War Era globe was too much for her to resist. I searched for more vintage crochet thread with no success. Still a great place to spend an hour. The pooch in the window was a lovely door greeter. I’m counting him in as a Doors accessory this week. 😉

Finally I have a little gallery from a wonderful, just-discovered, pizzaria we dined at. West Main Pizza served the best g-free pizza I’ve tasted away from home since we ate in Nashville, Tennesee back in 2011. Not kidding! I highly recommend this to my allergy-suffering friends. It’s da-bomb! Highly conscientious staff, clean and delicious food. What more can you ask for?! We’ll be back. Til next time, have a wonderful rest of your week and may your 2020 blessings abound! Please visit Norm 2.0 for more Thursday Doors from around the world. He’ll direct you to the links.



  1. I was famished! Guilty lol —and the weather covering is helpful to allow work in all kinds of weather. Apparently they’ve returned the ‘Ceres’ Goddess of Agriculture, fertility, motherhood etc to the dome’s top so thinking it’ll be finished before much longer.


    • We’ve got 2 family members with Celiac and it’s definitely been a journey.So much has improved in choices and especially prices of things since we first had to make the change. I hope you’re feeling better since the change!


      • I am, thank you. Less arches and stiffness and sinuses cleared up. Our youngest is dairy intolerant and sensitive to gluten, too, as are some of the grandchildren. It used to very pricey food wise but in the last five years there has been great progress in that regard here.

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  2. Vintage shop and delicious pizza, what a wonderful combination. Living in southern Missouri, I will have to make a trek to Jefferson City when it warms up.


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