Opening Day ’19/ThursdayDoors

This Thursday Doors I’m celebrating the first day of baseball for the Kansas City Royals. One door closed (winter we hope) and another one –Spring– has opened here in central Missouri.

Time for the Royal wreath
Time for the Royal wreath

So with the arrival of my first little baseball fan and a gorgeous 63 degree morning with no wind to speak of, it was defintely going to be a day to break out the bat and ball.

This is how I feel too!
This is how I feel too!

I have no other special door to offer this Thursday Doors post and I’ll be taking a break to partake in the April A to Z Challenge in April, my 6th year. If you have time to stop in, I’ll be creating a quilt for the Challenge this year.

Sharing a little t-ball action with you all for your viewing pleasure in the final portion of this Thursday Doors. Please be sure and check out Norm 2.0 for all the other contributions to this wonderful blogging event.



  1. Gotta get’em when they’re young πŸ˜€
    I remember skipping afternoon classes in high school on opening day a few times to go to the game…back when we still had a team of course.

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  2. Although I played fast pitch softball until I got out of college, then slow pitch until I hit my 40’s, and, growing up in Omaha, went to a lot of College World Series games, I’m not that excited about baseball these days. It’s expensive to see live (which is the best) and so slow for someone used to hockey. πŸ™‚


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    • From the buzz I hear, they’re trying to make baseball improved in the pace department. I don’t live close enough to the big city to see games too often, but I do watch on tv faithfully. πŸ™‚ Never been to a hockey game in person but am definitely a fan. Watched the “Miracle on Ice” and I remember all the kids on our bus riding to school writing on the frosted glass “USA#1”. Was pretty darn cool back in the day πŸ™‚ So now to throw a hint to hubby on that hockey game ticket lol

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