A Tour de Rental/ Thursday Doors


A couple weeks ago, a neighbor was feeling generous enough to let my daughter and I  walk through this door and peek inside his rental property. He has been upgrading this home for over a year now. Taking one room at a time as you get the time and money is one way to save yourself the cost of contractors. And a way to make sure it’s done right. I was given the OK to take some pictures of what he has done with the place.


Once inside the front door. 
Some lucky renter will have a clean slate to work with. 

All the homes on our street are ‘cookie cutter’ types built in the early 1950’s.They arrived on the rails behind my home (the Katy Trail) and were dropped off to be assembled. They were built to house Boeing employees and enlisted men who were building missiles and installing them in the silos. Whiteman Air Force Base about 20 miles away, was their base of operations. Amenities in these homes included one car garage, one bath and 3 bedrooms with an eat-in kitchen and a living room. No basements unless you were one of the officers and you lived a couple streets over. Many years later, most have at least done away with the asbestos siding and changed these homes to suite their more modern lives.

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  1. We have a lot of these around here as well. Post-war housing, we call them here. Usually built near schools, reminding us how neighborhoods used to be. They used to hold large families, but now they’re considered too small, especially with only one bathroom. I don’t buy into the hype! 😉 We lived in one for three years when our kids were all little. I loved mine. Lots of built-ins and closets. Many of them are built well and sturdy, and mine sure was. I love that your neighbor is taking his time to get the job done right. 🙂

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