Putting Up My Feet


Literally, we’re putting our feet up. This has been a long week.

  • A Memorial Day game at Royals Stadium. Great tribute to Veterans and a little teary eyed moment for me. Love seeing people honored that deserve it. But no win for the Boys in Blue unfortunately. And back home and in bed by 1 am. Up next morning at 5:30. Getting too old for that.
  • Three 7:20 pm softball games in a row. No wins šŸ˜¦Ā  (Secretly I like getting supper out of the way early though.)

So sitting home on a Friday night watching stuff on Tv was just what the doctor ordered.

I began my softball game run with a new crochet project. And yes, I crocheted at the Royals game even though my family protested. (They were afraid ESPN would show a clip of the fans ‘enthusiasm’ I’m thinking. ha)


View from the truck seat atĀ softball game #3.Ā One of these days I’ll sit down by the field if I ever get my stadium chair out of storage. Until then, Ron finds me a parking spot so I can have a view from there. Still not sure of myself with the knee issue from December. Here’s a link to that. It’s about 90% recovered. If this lovely Missouri weather was more stable, I think I’d be 100% by now. But it is what it is.


Here’s the view from my couch and a peak at the color scheme. Lovin this!! More ‘views’ to come.




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