Quail is a Pretty Bird

Hope you enjoyed a view of my ‘gifted’ Quilts. Doesn’t the Bible say “Blessed are the Piece makers?? 🙂

A point of view I have on the letter Q. There is not a vast Quantity of words that begin with this letter. In fact, I only found 2 songs starting with Q in my entire music stash….and I have a ton.  I’d like to vent about why do we even have this letter in the alphabet when we could use ‘Kw’ just as easily and spare Kindergartners the stress of spelling with this nightmare of a letter. So…. venting accomplished and I am finished. This post is as short as my music today 🙂

Piece Out!



  1. HAHA, “quite” true about Q. I have to say I LOVE your Blog’s main picture of two folks holding up that beautiful quilt on a beautiful path- it says so much! Thanks so much for visiting my Q for Quilt blog. If your picture is a quilt you quilted – wow! Very impressed! I’m an admirer only of quilts – don’t know the first thing about putting one together except for the fact that you probably have to be mathematical and have tons of patience!


  2. Your quilts are beautiful! Loved the last one…for your flower girl’s first born! Luckily I didn’t have a flower to help me feel older than I already do 🙂
    I enjoyed your rant LOL


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