Old Rosin the Beau

Old is the key word here. I collect Old Stuff.

It was due to my Great Grandmother. The eldest daughter in each generation receives a Secretary/cabinet full of salt and pepper shakers. I am the 4th generation. I will pass it down to my eldest daughter who was the 5th generation 1st born daughter. If there’s never a girl born, I don’t know what will happen. The rule isn’t written down, just a tradition that’s been passed down. (oops, I guess it is now) But girls it is for now and after it goes to Rachel, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it 🙂 I’ve done my part. I have added many, many shakers to the collection in the last 28 years.

I bit of history about this cabinet……It survived the Good Friday tornado of 1973 . We had recently moved into our brand new 14 X 90 foot mobile home but hadn’t ‘tied down’ all sides of it, only partially. Considering the tornado that passed that day was an F3, I don’t think it would have mattered. Our home was a total loss and we only walked away with the clothes on our backs, except for the unpacked boxes still in the old Chrysler Dad drove. But this cabinet survived miraculously. Probably because it was empty.  Here’s a link to that tornado’s path as well as several others in our state’s history. If you look at Sedalia, we’re pretty much a bull’s eye.

Fact: There were 5 of us jammed into that Old Chrysler, boxes and all; Daddy, Mother, my Uncle Neal, my baby sister, and I.  Daddy had the accelerator floored in ‘Reverse’ and the car wouldn’t budge. That’s because the rear end of the car was in the air. We watched our home flipped onto its side before our eyes and, somehow, we didn’t get flipped over in that car. Can you say “Divine Intervention”? We are most definitely thankful for it.





  1. Wow! What a moment in time for you all. Your video of the salt shakers remind me of a few that I have. Not near as many as you, but a few were my grandmother’s and always put out on different holidays (like the turkeys at Thanksgiving) Thanks for sparking the memories. Your tornado story is amazing and how wonderful everyone was safe! Thanks for visiting my blog today! Conlee http://www.conleericketts.com/blog.html


  2. Wow, that really is diving intervention…I can’t even imagine how scary that must have been. I love this idea of stuff being left from generation to generation. I treasure the few items that are scattered around my house that were my grandmother’s. Makes me feel happy that I’m still connected to her in some way. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy A to Z-ing!


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