Mason’s Apron

I hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane. My family has a rich background of Masonic tradition. The oral history passed down to me by my late Aunt Zula was that our Masonic ties date back to “the Old Country” and we had family who were Masons underground. My understanding of that is pretty minute but the look on her face was like she was revealing a wonderful secret. After all, it was a secret society in days gone by. Sadly, many lost their lives when found out.

The man in the slideshow, my Grandpa Randall, was a “presence” in the family. His way or the highway. But he had a special soft spot for me and I didn’t realize how wrapped he was around my finger until later on in life. He picked me up from Kindergarten every day and we most likely stopped at Tullis Hall Dairy. I picked either Lime Sherbet or Orange Sherbet ice cream cones Always. When he had to go to San Antonio, Texas for cancer treatment back in the early 70’s he sent me a card that tells of his kind affection. A rare glimpse of his soft core. I know it’s here somewhere. Probably the attic. Funny how we put things in ‘safe’ places and then can’t get to them. Guess I’ll have a time capsule for someone.

As the song suggests, Yes, he was a Mason. My two uncles were Masons. Even his son-in-law was a Mason and my husband is a Mason. I was a member of Job’s Daughters and my sister was Honored Queen of our Bethel #15 in 1987.(the blondie in the slideshow)

Straight out of the scrapbook
Straight out of the scrapbook

Fun fact: Her husband was Master Counselor of the Demolay at that same time. But true to form and as by-laws dictate, I will Not divulge any of the secrets I swore to keep. But I will let you know the lessons taught are worth learning as in any good organization.

As far as the “Mason’s Apron”, I’d like to give you a reference to see the true meaning behind this badge of honor. Click here



  1. My husband has a friend who is a mason and he has never divulged any secrets. Hope your mother-in-law has a great time in DC. I put so much research into planning vacations it’s nice if other people benefit from it.


    • There has been a lot of publicity of Masons lately on tv, but haven’t seen reveals of the secret work, yet. I know she’ll be very interested in seeing your post. She’s supposed to be by tomorrow so have you bookmarked! Thanks again!


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