Grandma’s Apron

I was recently inspired to sew by a photo.


My Great Grandmother frying chicken in this picture. She was the mother of 12 children.

A list of what I remember most about her

****She lived less than a block from me but we lived on a country gravel road so it could’ve been less

*****She loved giving us Zero bars she kept stashed in her frig. It was her secret indulgence. Love, love, love that about her!

******I first learned the words to Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “Sixteen Tons” on her record player.

*******No matter how many of her children showed up for a get-together, she voiced how much she missed the one not there.
*******Rides with Grandma and Great Grandma to Windsor, Missouri, population 2734 in 1970 according to census. It hasn’t grown much. 2863 in 2012. We’d always make a stop at the Ben Franklin dime store for a “treat”. Usually a coloring book.      *******Picking “greens” for her along the ditch. I don’t know how she knew which ones wouldn’t make her ill!! Or worse.                                                                            *******She always wore dresses. In pictures, she was always looking her best. A real lady. Check her out in the 1949 reunion. She’s #8.


She loved the babies!!! She’s holding my Aunt Glenda and my mother is sitting next to her.

********During her life, I never heard a cross word from her. When I asked my mother about this trait, she said she couldn’t remember such a thing either. We figured that after raising 12 children, she must’ve already seen it all and wasn’t fazed by much. chuckleIMG_0407.jpga

 Here’s my version of her apron that I completed recently.

Lovin’ it!! Gonna fry me some chicken now. Be jealous!



  1. Hello, I’m visiting from A-Z. I like your post about your grandmother. My grandmother was my favorite person. She had 11 children. I think you’re right. Having that many children certainly made my grandmother have a lot of patience.


  2. Hi slfinnell
    What a wonderful tribute to a Grandma!
    You did it well. I appreciate here tolerance
    Indeed those 12 numbers taught her to be that way LOL
    Nice pics and of course the colorful is is indeed lovely too wiht the new apron! LOL
    Great Going!
    Thanks for your kind visit too
    Keep informed


  3. Loved the apron, the story and the cool music! We have this song on a children’s tape that we played a lot, it reminded me of good times when the kids were little 🙂


  4. What a lovely tribute to your grandmother, I think she and mine were clones. She lived in Connecticut and after I left home, I called her every week. She loves those calls, as did I, and I still miss her!


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