Foggy Mountain Breakdown

A real cutie from the family tree, introducing Brycen in his lil’ baby cocoon. Thanks Grammie Michelle for the picture. With that, we’ll head into the subject of Letter F day….


Fifty (50) Ways to Pacify a Baby (without a pacifier)

  1. 1.Check / change diaper
  2. Try feeding bottle (give snack if age appropriate)
  3. Pick up
  4. Massage them
  5. Swaddle them
  6. Bathe them (or place their hands in a sink to splash if they are older)
  7. Give hugs. Lots and Lots of hugs
  8. Lie down next to them on a blanket and just be there
  9. Look at each other’s face and enjoy their company
  10. Read Read Read
  11. Record sounds and replay them (use those phone recorders!!! They are a plethora of sounds)
  12. Sit them in a high chair and put applesauce, yogurt or pudding on the tray
  13. Cold teether rings and toys
  14. Walk them
  15. Try a rattle
  16. Play music on a stereo/radio
  17. Play an instrument if you have one (or enlist someone who does) Live music is fascinating to babies of all ages.
  18. Sing
  19. Look out a window
  20. Open a door or window to hear the outdoor sounds. This one is magic!!
  21. Step outside for fresh air
  22. Roll them in a stroller….inside or out
  23. Give them large plastic kitchen spoons or rubber spatulas
  24. Clap to them
  25. Rock them
  26. Blow Bubbles
  27. Give them a fuzzy teddy bear or other animal to hug
  28. Play pat-a-cake
  29. Play Peek-a-boo
  30. Jingle Bells
  31. Put a mobile above them
  32. Call up a friend or someone for them to listen to on a phone
  33. Pat their back while lying them on their tummy
  34. Burp them
  35. Smile at them
  36. Talk to them
  37. Chant rhymes or songs instead of singing
  38. Shower them with kisses
  39. Make funny faces
  40. Make funny noises
  41. Give raspberries on an arm or leg
  42. Give them a look in a mirror at the other baby
  43. Enlist their siblings help to sing to them
  44. Run a vacume or make other white noise
  45. Fan them with a paper fan
  46. Let them crinkle paper
  47. Play ride the horsie
  48. Brush their hair
  49. Brush them with a feather or soft item
  50. Try floor play on a colorful blanket


  1. Hello there, swinging by back to you from mine to say hello and be nosy. Thank you for the tips, thank goooodness I don’t need them anymore past that stage LOL…lovely header BTW did you make it?


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