Eighth of January

Why yes, I DO play the banjo and these are my homemade music videos. Just clarifying. And it’s just my oldest hobby. Not looking for fame or fortune. Hope you enjoy.

Did you know The Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812 was the last time there was an armed engagement between the United States and Great Britain?

Did you also know a Pirate, Pirate Jean Lafitte, warned us of the British planning an attack?

Did you know that a peace agreement was already signed on December 24 but word did not reach the British forces in the Gulf of Mexico in time to halt this attack?

And in conclusion, only my sister and I would know that this is one of our dad’s favorite songs.



  1. I feel a bit like the character who lives in a coconut! I never realized how diverse the blogging world is until i began the A to Z Challenge. Had you not left a comment on my blog, I may not have found you and your fabulous music. I listened to all your A to Z posts and look forward to the ones to come. Excited to see your banjo collection, too. Thank you!


    • lol! I appreciate your enthusiasm. And I definitely agree on the diversity. It’s been a blast so far and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. Thanks for visiting and I’ll do likewise!


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