I’ll Begin With Angel Band

My posts for the A to Z April Blog Challenge will feature Bluegrass songs I’m playing on my Gold Tone 5-string. The good news?? Banjos play a song FaSt. So it won’t take you A to Z Challenge Bloggers very long to get thru my blog. I’m not long-winded. Photos later of my banjo collection.  (It’s a small cumulation, don’t worry). All other posts will vary. After 18 years running a home daycare, I have learned to follow the improvise, overcome and adapt motto thanks to my Marine Corp Vet hubby. You just never can tell what will happen during the week in this house.

About me….

Married for nearly 28 years, mother to 2 wonderful daughters and as I said before, I care for children in my home. Welcome to life on the Katy Trail.



  1. What a fabulous A-Z theme! I will definitely be visiting often! Just loved the banjo music and looking forward to looking around here and visiting again! 🙂


  2. well with this Bluegrass theme you’ll have my husband following your posts this month along with me! we are big fans. what a great idea for the challenge!


  3. I enjoyed your banjo playing as bluegrass music is one of my favorites. I hope you play for the children you care for. Music is so important to developing minds.


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