Side tracked Sunday

It’s been a Long weekend for lots of us in Central Missouri.
The first pic is an “ugly” one. But its very telling of our circumstances.


That my friends is the Frozen variety of water. We had an ice storm.


It was pretty but not sunny to show the glisten of the ice.


I was almost finished with my “item” that I previewed last post, but alas I came to the fateful words…….

Continued on page 54

But I did promise a look…


So better one next time.


Meanwhile, Mid Missouri still sits in its ice bath. Many are trolling the Internet from boredom. I get a lil Facebook message from my sister.

My response:

Stephanie Randall Finnell Your feet must be cold.

On went the banter and so I told her I’d put it on my “to do” list. So I have officially been sidetracked from my sewing project. But that’s all fine as I guess we’re gonna have a few snow days comin up.

barbie's request

Here’s her request.  It has been ordered.

I will now take prayers as I’ve not made the crocodile stitch before.

But they are so Doggone cute I have to admit.



  1. Had to leave a note here- I love these booties, I’ve been seeing them here and there in my internet browsing for cool patterns. I’ve thought of ordering this pattern and just haven’t. Did you make some? So awesome to find a fellow A-Zer that crochets!!!! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed browsing around your blog!


    • Thanks for browsing! I bought this pattern on the request of my baby sister. She doe Not crochet lol. But she took some photos for my daughter’s dance for free so I’m definitely going to make her a pair. I’m 1/2 way done with the project but walked away from it for a bit. It’s a pretty intense pattern for what I’m used to, and I Do crochet a lot. This pattern had a tendency to make me “cross-eyed”. I’m tempted to do a crocodile stitch atop a different bootie style. It’s a very time-consuming pattern. Could that be buyer’s remorse you hear from me???


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