My Inspiration for the Week

I have had a little brainstorming goin on.

Currently I’m finishing up a blanket that I’ll let you see in a few days. Here’s the Yarn I’m using: 790-415a

Pesto Homespun by Lion Brand

But I’m always thinking of “what’s next”?! And I like to do something different than everyone else.

I wanna be the trendsetter.

Lofty ambitions

Anyhoo, I’ve thought up something that I “Need”…..

My current item I am replacing has seen Much better days.

In photos it will include using crochet for edgings:f223900b8f81d9888feffe446d44d085

And It will require some sewing:a3d908c8a2b103c41b3133892195f164

As these are Pinterest photos and I know the websites they came from, I’m going to do the right thing and give credit where it’s due.

So thank you to:

Stay tuned……..



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